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    July 15, 2012
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chief, it is the president of the united states. >> house republicans vote to repeal the health care act for the 33rd time. mitt romney tells the naacp that if congress does not dump the health care act, he will. >> i will eliminate every non- essential program i can fin. that includes obamacare. [boos] >> the louis freeh report on the it penn state child sex abuse scandal. it was worse than we thought. >> the most powerful man at penn state failed to take any steps to protect the children at sandusky victimized. captioned by the national captioning institute of then't know how much polling tells us at this stage,
but i would think the president campaigned team would not be happy to read that the latest abc news/"washington post" told has barack obama and mitt romney tied. those polled like the president more than romney but think romney would do a better job on the economy. the president is trying to pin outsourcer-in-chief on romney. >> my work has been working to save the american auto industry. >> this president has been outsourcing a good deal of american jobs himself, by putting money into energy companies, solar and wind energy companies, that make their products outside the united states. >> speaking of wind energy, i wonder at this stage of the campaign how much of this talk
the voters are of jogging. keeps us busy, it keeps political consultants employed, but is it having any real impact on how americans vote in november? what do you think, mark? >> the race is close because you give the figure could voters disapprove of the president's job rating and handling of the economy. the president is trying to make it a choice between himself and mitt romney, and that is why outsourcing and romney's investments, his caribbean portfolio, cayman islands, bermuda, all the rest of it become issues that the obama campaign and the administration as well want to raise. >> colby? >> it is at clear that the president does not want to run on the economy. that is not his strong suit at all. we are in the silly season when we accuse each other of outsourcing jobs.
the fact is that outsourcing has been one on for some time. it is not because of somebody hitting the united states, but cutting to control costs. there is domestic outsourcing, there is offering a jobs. but that is because of economic reasons. it is not because it they have jobs in america. that's silly. i don't think people set out to outsource. i think the costs drive this kind of question. >> margaret? >> if your claim to the presidency is that you are i job creator and you can do a better job than obama, and one of the major roadways in major money at bain capital is by taking over companies an outsourcing jobs, that is very different from the president, who has not been able to stop outsourcing offshore because of a republican house. he doesn't have the votes on capitol hill to stop some of that. romney has staked his claim on
his performance at bain capital, which was proactively outsourcing jobs, because that is how you make money. >> charles, i am wondering how much of the stock is having an impact on american voters. >> i think it is having very little impact. i agree entirely with colby. the outsourcing debate is preposterous. it has been going on for decades. it has to do with globalization, nothing to do with obama, romney. it is obvious that obama cannot run on his record. he has a terrible four years behind him that he cannot stand up for, so what he does is distracting. the strategy is kill romney, a character assassination. on out towson, romney's defense is to say -- on outsourcing, romney's defense is to say you,. it is not only that you are outdoors in jobs, you taking
money from americans in taxes. wind and solar being made in china. if you want to talk about outsourcing, which is a preposterous subject in the first place, each as mitral charges at the other and that is why it is a ridiculous debate. -- each is going to roll charges at the other and that is why i just a ridiculous debate. >> i find myself on comfortably disagreeing with -- un comfortably disagreeing with colby uncomfortably disagreeing with charles street free trade is seen by a majority as costing jobs. when you are just indifferent to the fact that places like flint, michigan and ohio have been wiped out, and just say "that is part of globalization," that is wonderful as long as you don't
have a cambodian bureau chief coming into your news organization working for 1/10 of the price and costing jobs in the journalistic world. >> well, it is a question of dealing with facts. this is a good example that came out of politico -- we increase tariffs on sugar. why? to protect our own industry. what does that do? it raises the price of sugar. what is the candy manufacturer do? he moved to costa rica, so he can make his products cheaper. that is not romney, that is not obama. that is protectionist action by congress that raises the tariffs. >> margaret, i interrupted you. >> facts or to against each other sometimes. the wind and solar plants are subsidized elsewhere. we cannot make a lithium
batteries here, we cannot make the solar panels. all this is part of a fairness argument, whose side are you on. trying to put romney on the camp of being on the side of people like him. have we ever elected a president with a swiss bank account? >> no. >> i don't know. have we, charles? >> i am not running for the presidency, and if i did, i would not have a swiss bank accounts. [laughter] did kennedy have one? no idea. did johnson have one? johnson was the most scrupulously careful businessman in american history. there is nothing in the past that would suggest financial shenanigans? come on, give me a break. what is going on here is -- this is a campaign by obama -- he cannot run on his record, so he runs -- margaret is right,
fairness. who cares about you, that is the thing he is stressing. the counter argument is quite strong. you talk about fairness -- among african-americans, unemployment is 14%, among latin americans, 17%. the longest string of 8% unemployment in modern american history, and the worst chronic unemployment. if you care about americans, you want to start not by redistribution of wealth but by strengthening and getting it wrong economy. > -- in a growing economy. >> we have heard this many times before, tax cuts for the wealthy. >> let's not hold our entire economy hostage while we debate the merits of another tax cut for the wealthy. >> i mean, the very idea of raising taxes on small business and job creators at the very time we need more jobs is the sort of thing only an extreme liberal could come up with.
>> "the sort of thing only an extreme liberal could come up with." is barack obama an extreme liberal, moderate? > -- margaret? >> i don't see it, but i guess mitt romney and his supporters to do. i don't give advice to campaigns -- mark once did -- but looking at the objection to these tax cuts going away, why and not fashion a program where the 3% are covered? the argument that you will hurt small businessmen -- will only touched 3% of small businessmen in the united states. those are accountants and lawyers. are these people need to protect? mark thinks we do. [laughter] he is a shock that it would be a tax increase on those people. the argument that you're hurting the job creators -- you are not hurting job creators. that in tax cuts labs.
>> are to the democrats divided on this? don't nancy pelosi and some others want a $1 million cut off? >> tell me about the jobs created by the bush tax cuts on the wealthy. how many jobs did that create? please answer. >> 0, how's that? >> the silence was deafening. >> whenever you hear this "look, you are taxing the job creators," i don't see the jobs that were created when they passed the tax cuts. >> clinton raised taxes and create jobs. >> charles? >> where do you start? >> any weight you like. >> the joint committee on tax reports that 53% of small business income will be affected by it in taxes.
obama himself, in 2010, when he agreed with mitch mcconnell to keep tax rates where they are, said many times, you don't raise taxes in a recession. we are not technically in a recession, but we're clearly in a stagnant economy. that is to " obama himself on the street when it pleases him politically, he says, "i will not raise taxes." what he needs it, he will say the opposite. the point is, even if you had these tax hikes, it would raise the maximum of $8 billion a year. we have a $1.30 trillion deficit. it is a distraction, shiny object you're putting over here. if you want to attack the deficit, you have to do it with spending cuts, tax reform, an entitlement reform, and if you want it in taxation, it will have to be across the board.
you cannot do it and have any effect on the debt by doing it only on the top 2%. >> margaret mentioned the fact that i used to work in campaigns. as the only analyst who has been a veteran of four losing presidential campaigns -- [laughter] let me tell you what mitt romney is doing absolutely wrong. one of the most important exercises you have to go through is to woodshed your own candidate. to sit down and do not just research on your opponent, but your own guy, and find out if there is something in your background, career, statements that could come back and bite us. remember george w. bush's drunk driving arrest that was revealed the weekend before the 2000 campaign and came close to costing him the election? romney has smart people. they did this with him. things like the swiss bank account and the cayman islands and bermuda and all that stuff came up, and the tax rates, and whether he is going to reveal
them. romney went right through the stop sign. he, who did not want to discuss it with this source and with money, so deep, so pervasive, that this is a man who has been running for president for most of the 21st century. is not something that just jumped out this the -- not just something that jumped out on him . as far as jobs are concerned, one figure to remember -- more jobs created last year under barack obama in the private sector than in the eight years of george w. bush's presidency. >> even "the wall street journal" editorial page says romney has squandered the summer because he let obama defined him as a wealthy elitist, and then they excoriated him for being shown in a jet ski in front of his mansion on the late. >> the effort to repeal the
affordable care act, or obamacare, as governor romney gossett. >> -- calls it. >> it is making our problems worse. >> there is no doubt that this generates the tea party base, but i think it alienates voters went they see congress wasting taxpayer resources yet again. >> for the 33rd time, the house republicans have won a vote to repeal the president's signature achievement, the affordable care act. this is going to die in e senate, colby. why do they keep doing this? >> politics. i think that chris van hollen is right in the sense that it also alienates a lot of people, because there is some support for the affordable care act. >> i am not sure there is that much support it if there were that much support, why is it
that two days after obama had this tremendous victory in the supreme court, where it holds the obamacare act, two days later, on saturday, he gives a radio address and does not have a word about obamacare? the next week's saturday address -- never speaks about it. state of the union address this year, he had one sentence on a. he is running away from it as much as he can because he knows it is is a loser, in particular at the congressional and senate level. people know that careers have been handed over this. they do not one an end to their own careers. >> the president addressed the nation on the subject as soon as -- >> in the white house -- >> apparently he did not want to discuss it, but he did discuss it on national television -- >> then he ran away. >> we are in posturing and
posing. the republicans are big on repeal but short on replace. they want to keep all the benefits but don't tell you how to do it, absent the republican plan, that everybody be required to have health insurance. the republican governors at the same time being in different to medicaid coverage, which is extended under this plan, and equals the publishing, as matt miller went out in "the washington post" of 25 states depriving health care coverage. >> margaret, when mitt romney talks to the naacp and says he will get rid of obamacare, he is not really talking to the naacp, is he? >> romney would have you believe that this is his sister souljah moment. however, he is not speaking to the group in the room. he wanted the boos. he is taking those two is
fundraiser with dick cheney in wyoming. he is carrying them out there -- >> are they carry-on? >> we need to hear from brother crown hammer -- >> i once thought that i was cynical. i am a child the next to you guys. >> i surpass charles -- >> here is a guy who gives a speech and as honest about obamacare, he is really boo -- rudely booed, takes it with grace, and then goes off script without obamacare will kill jobs. >> i thought the speech was done by committee. the first part was written by his black affairs adviser, because his adviser would have them sit there is great disparity in the country, it has not been corrected, and then he goes and turns to his policy
people the way to address these disparities, the first thing i will do is approve the keystone pipeline. that will take care of the problem facing urban america. >> the conservative argument -- democrats are the ones who have given an answer to every political and social logical group, and republicans argued that if i can approve the economy for all americans, i will help all americans. >> he went off script to another boo. >> you have an opinion on this, mark? >> i do. i think mitt romney deserves credit for going to the naacp. as for boos, these people ought never been to a yankees game. no one was hurt. it was refreshing to hear the speech that he gives two republican audiences to an audience that 99% are supported
his opponent. david obey once gave the exact same speech to aipac that he gave to the arab anti- discrimination it, and offended both groups. it was an act of total political integrity. while i would not put romney in the same category, he deserves credit for doing it, and i would like to see more candidates appear before a family audiences. >> can i commend mark on his evolution in growth? that was remarkable. >> using him as a foil. >> 80-8 -- you are so good with numbers, charles. >> romney showed up, obama did not. >> that's right. >> biden was well received -- >> i understand. >> they no obama, et they no his
policies. -- know his policies. >> it is not as if obama never got an imitation, the man at they know but apparently he was busy. >> we don't hear much about romneycare since the supreme court or even before, and romney took days to accept that it was a tax and not a penalty, as romney wants to call it. >> i agree with you. this is a crazy election. the biggest legislation we have had, the most revolutionary, is obamacare. president will not speak of it, and his opponent will not speak of it. this is insane. >> two signature issues off the table. >> each of them is not terribly happy with the political consequences. >> while we're on the topic of naacp, attorney general eric
holder and joe biden books spoke about the border id law, which they claimed are being put in place to suppress minority vote. >> we have seen this kind of thing in past years but we saw it in north carolina when jesse helms did it -- >> why is it unreasonable to ask somebody for a picture id, a driver's license or something similar? >> not readily available items for people to have. and the difficulty of that requirement falls disproportionately on minority voters. the people pushing these voters oppression measures know that well that that will be the impact. >> how significant is voter fraud? that is what the argument is about. >> you don't find significant instances of voter fraud. >> everything in this nation's history has been about expanding
the vote. making it more available, including more voices. we started with white males who own property. we extended that to white males who did not own property. african-americans, women, 18- year-olds. this the first attempt, and a calculated attempt, make no mistake, to limit the electorate. when the majority pennsylvania legislature, republican, boasts restrictions, that is the key right there. >> we don't expanded to include dead people. >> that's true. >> in chicago, only in chicago. >> that is why you have a summit show if order id. >> have you read the new report about what happened to the kids at penn state? awful. >> our most sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of the
sandusky's child victims by the most senior leaders at penn state. >> this is stomach turning. penn state issued the final report on the sandusky scandal this week. tough one for you, margaret. >> penn state is now dead to me, gordon. >> you are graduate. >> i am. until now, i was easing to decide where joe paterno, he is older, he did not really get it, they were horsing around, addition additio -- a tradition of coaches and boys, he wasn't aware. this erases that. there was a massive cover-up. it went on for 14 years. look at all the boys who would not have been harmed if one man had stood up. >> how does this happen, colby? >> because of because of the celebrity. he is more important -- >> football is more important
than the kids. >> i will be satisfied when some of those penn state big wigs end off in the state pen. >> like the church that i love, it was filled by leaders who decided to protect the institution rather than innocent, hon. children from predators. that is exactly what happened here, and shame, shame, shame. i hope the n.c.a.a. will take its action on a program that has violated its honor. >> christine brennan, our old pal, is talking about killing football at penn state for a year. >> this is the most extreme and horrible example about what football, big-time sports has become. it is corrupt at its corporate $70 million it brought into penn state. no one wanted to lose that take
away the athletes and kids are exploited, and given false hopes in the future, it is a corrupt system, and unfortunately, it had such a following, such a wonderful sport, that people will not give it up. this the worst example of how it explodes all kinds of people -- exploit all kinds of people. >> last word. see you next week. >> "inside washington" is brought you in part by the american federation of government employees, proud to make america work. for more information about afge and membership, visit
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